Innovative Point of Sale Design and Manufacturing... For a Measurable Increase in Sales

Innovative Point of Sale Design and Manufacturing... For a Measurable Increase in Sales

Measurable Increase in Sales

Measurable Increase in Sales

When you’ve done all the hard work with branding and marketing a campaign…  you need to know that your point of sale displays will be innovative, robust, beautifully designed and deliver a measurable increase in product sales.

You also want a hassle free design and production process. We understand this, and strive to over-deliver on every job for every client.

We’re proud to say POS (Point of Sale Displays) is how we earned our stripes.

Our point of sale displays are regularly seen in retailers including K-Mart, Big W, Officeworks, Woolworths, Coles, Independent Pharmacy, Terry White Chemists, Bunnings, Masters, Target, Independent Hardware, Mitre 10, Good Guys, Bing Lee, Harvey Norman, Dick Smith, Petrol & Convenience, Chemist Warehouse & Airport Duty Free.

“Design plays a crucial role for any brand in the point of sale solution. It’s the face of the brand in store and often the first thing they see when they purchase a product. It must attract and engage customers, convey the brand’s key messages and entice consumers to purchase.”

Investment in Research and Software

Investment in Research and Software

When you work with us you can expect us to do a lot of research. We get to know your brand intimately so we fully understand the product and the messages that need to be conveyed to your customers. We also send our design team out into the field, visiting the stores and understanding the space where your POS material will eventually be.

We draw floor plans, take measurements, look at store traffic flow and ease of access. We develop temporary cardboard and plastic counter units, floor stands and new product development initiatives so we can do our own walkthroughs.

There’s no second-guessing – we pay attention to every detail, no matter how small.

We start every project from scratch so you get an innovative and unique design solution every time.

Every computer in our office has Solidworks and Adobe Creative Suite installed on it. This means that our team can not only show you detailed 3D modelling of your design but also literally demonstrate how it is constructed by assembling and disassembling it for you on the screen.

Our diverse and talented design team swap influences and bounce concepts off each other which keeps fresh design ideas flowing. Ultimately getting good results for you is what drives them to keep pushing the boundaries.

“At Exposure we are constantly researching Australia’s shopping trends, the point of sale environment and our clients’ space in the marketplace. This ensures we are the forefront of design innovation and perfectly poised to deliver great commercial outcomes for our clients.”

Extensive Testing

Extensive Testing

When we push the boundaries of design we know that this can make a display more delicate… so we are are incredibly mindful that your POS item must be strong enough to look fantastic for the entire life of the campaign.

We do our own transit testing, weight testing (with more weight than the the display will ever need to hold), shake tests and drop tests and then check for damage. To be honest we over-engineer every product to make sure it delivers on our promises.

During production we carefully manage every step of the process so that from the time the designs leave our studio, to the moment they’re set up in-store so there is no room for error.

Our ops team are multilingual and specifically speak Chinese and Mandarin which is incredibly important in dealing with our factories in Southeast Asia.

They also regularly visit our manufacturing plants and take time to understand the culture and working practices which leads to a better outcome. And of course they take care of all the necessary accreditations and audits. Read more about our production process.

Capability for the Short and Long-term

We can deliver semi-permanent displays using materials like light timbers, and metal or plastic. For permanent displays we incorporate other elements including lighting, animation and store fixtures.

We will take full responsibility for your campaign, from start to finish, whatever your requirements.

And if there are other services you need, such as graphic design, storage, logistics, or mystery shopping when your POS is active in-store, then don’t hesitate to ask us.

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