Innovative Packaging Design which Engages Your Consumers and Increases Sales

Innovative Packaging Design which Engages Your Consumers and Increases Sales

Innovative Packaging design

Innovative Packaging design

You can have more sales and make the design as stunning as you like, but if you go one step further and innovate your packaging, then your product is far more likely to be picked up off the shelf and taken to the counter.

Exposure understand this, and through years of experience and monitoring the results of every project, we know what works.

We’re highly skilled in designing and manufacturing the kind of package that your customers will engage with – and love – almost as much as they love what’s inside.

Working with Exposure Creative

When you’re faced with dated packaging which isn’t connecting with your target market, or if you’re launching a new product, one of our experienced account directors will come and chat with you.

After we’ve collected the brief we bring the product back to base and do some extensive market research.

We take time to understand the product’s features, how it must be stored and what it’s like to carry one around how to use it. We also research the target market, price point and competition.

Once we’re sure we know the product intimately we design the concepts. And because our designers all come from different backgrounds – you’ll get 3 very different and innovative concepts.

End-to-End Packaging Solution

Because Exposure have a full manufacturing arm, we can proceed to prototyping and production to give you an end to end solution.

We design and develop the knife for production and we can produce any type of packaging. Clam Shell, Blister Packs, Carded options, Vacuum Forming, Pressure Forming and Injection Moulding… whatever you want.

We’ve got a bases in China and SE Asia, so the entire process – from developing the original concepts to getting your product onto retail shelves, is seamless.  Every detail is organised from one central place: the Exposure design studio.

While we offer all services, if you do need to take our design somewhere else for production then rest assured that both you and your supplier will have electronic files that you can use straight away, without technical hassle, no matter what software you’re running.

Logistics, Storage & Delivery

Logistics, Storage & Delivery

If your product ships to Australia before you’re ready to put it in-store, we have storage. We can also arrange delivery if you want us to.

In an ideal world, packaging design should go hand-in-hand with product design. For this reason, all of the below-the-line marketing services we provide complement each other to keep your branding consistent.

If you need packaging design, you might need point of sale services too, or perhaps graphic design. You can talk to us about extras at any time. And any team member you speak to will be able to help you. This is our “one phone call service” guarantee.

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