A passionate group of Creatives with many years experience in all forms of design and production

A passionate group of Creatives with many years experience in all forms of design and production

Andy Whitting CEO

Three words describe Andy Whitting: passionate, creative and focused.

Andy is the founder of Exposure Creative. With 10 years design agency experience across a range of industries, Andy created Exposure on the 1st February, 2012. He was driven by a deep desire to build a vibrant and innovative below-the-line design and production agency.

Hand picking his team, Andy was determined to make client service a priority and ensure the creative product is driven by purpose and solution. Exposure was born and the realisation of a full service below the line agency incorporating all facets of design and marketing communication in house.

Andy is driven by creative design and works with his design and operations team to develop ideas that exceed client expectations on each and every project.

He has an incredible eye for detail and natural ability to interpret and respond to your brief. Andy has an appreciation of the studio environment needed for his team to be innovative in response to brief.

In Andy’s words

“Clients come to us for ideas and innovation and of course we deliver that.  But it is also our job to ensure that everything we develop is inspired by need and function. We always push the boundaries, but no one singular aspect of a campaign is more important than another. Each are like ingredients and it is our job to balance them in order to get the results our client needs.

“Our team are the reason for our success. We foster an environment where talent is nurtured and respected, ideas are shared, our people are challenged and stimulated and clients come back again and again because they like what we do and how we do it.”

Client Management Team

You come first, always.

Our ‘one phone call service’ guarantee means that no matter which of our team members you speak to, you will have your query answered.

We collaborate on projects internally, which means if your assigned Account Director is out of the office, your job will still progress. We also pride ourselves on responding within a few hours (and often out of hours) so your job stays on track when you need to make updates to the brief.

Our client management team are experienced and knowledgeable about all aspects of design and manufacturing. You and your colleagues can rely on their sensible, educated guidance at every step.

You also can draw on our collective wisdom and expect innovative solutions when you face difficult marketing problems. Many of our clients value our ongoing partnership with and involvement in their business incredibly highly.


“At Exposure we go to great lengths to develop long term relationships with our clients. This ensures we understand the brand at an incredibly deep level. Sometimes we even end up knowing as much about the brand as the brand managers. 

Design Team

At Exposure we understand the crucial role that superb design plays in brand success.

We hand-pick designers who have that rare combination of talent, inventive thinking, and an eye for aesthetic detail. But we also recruit based on ability and experience across a number of specialisations.

We’ve built a strong multi-disciplinary team, with diversity… many of our people are bilingual and have international backgrounds, education and work experience. This allows us to tackle projects from multiple angles.

We feel fortunate that such an incredibly talented team choose to work for us.

We like to ensure their ongoing learning and professional development too… which includes amongst other things, trips to China to see projects come to life through our manufacturing process

“Exposure is a stimulating and dynamic working environment. We start every project from scratch so clients get an innovative and unique design solution every time. We also swap influences and bounce concepts off each other which keeps fresh design ideas flowing. Ultimately, getting great results for our clients is what drives us to get better and better.”

Operations Team

Our operations team are responsible for making the designs come to life on time… and on budget.

The ops team are the backbone of our logistics and manufacturing ability. They are multilingual and specifically speak Chinese and Mandarin which is incredibly important in dealing with our factories in Southeast Asia.

They also regularly visit our manufacturing plants and take time to understand the culture and working practices which of course leads to a better outcome.

And of course they take care of all the necessary accreditations and audits so you don’t have to.

“We don’t like surprises… therefore we control the whole manufacturing process very tightly. So for example we check every container before it leaves China and again when it lands here. We also have a consistent system for updating our clients at every stage. This means they know exactly where we are at with the critical dates and are guided through the process. In the end it’s all about delivering a quality product on time and on budget and that’s what motivates me.”

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